Thrilled Beyond Belief.

Thrilled Beyond Belief.
So thrilled beyond belief. Have you ever felt that way? Where you are soaring above everything and everyone, where you can suddenly see everything with such clarity, even though your vision is beyond clouded with joy? It happens on occasion, and when it does…you never want it to end. This feeling of utter weightlessness. This feeling that you have not a care in the world. Maybe, when you are around your best friends, the ones you love? Maybe when you win an award, are recognized for an achievement? Perhaps you eat ice cream and are just so ecstatic that they have your favorite flavor? Or maybe someone compliments you. Yes, maybe that’s it. Maybe you are feeling dejected, worthless, unable to hold your head up high for fear of someone noticing it and shuddering in disgust. But, suddenly, a compliment is given. An honest compliment, one that lifts you from “the depths of despair” to “cloud nine”. That can be all it takes. Perhaps you didn’t, say, look like you were “down in the dumps” or appear to be in a grim mood, but someone still acknowledged your existence, and found, no matter how small, a part of you that they honestly admired. And so they told you about it. Isn’t that marvelous? I think so. It makes me so thrilled beyond belief.


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